Tool Management System

Dynasoft has created many different Tool Management Systems or TMS. TMS is an application designed to track and manage a company’s assets from any where in the world. TMS easy to use design allows companies easy input and tracking for all types of inventory. The interface allows multiple categories and groups based on the clients needs. With its web-based design and mobile friendly application clients can use this program in the field as well as in the office with multiple devices and operating systems.

TMS is the first application with a unique tracking system that allows both rental and sales tracking all in one application. Parameters can be set for multiple types of rentals such as time based, run based, and usage based billing to name a few. Long term rentals can now be tracked easily without missing an invoice or billing cycle on that job.

TMS offers multi-level log in capabilities to allow the client to set up multiple vendors across the globe, if the client requires it. The client no longer has to rely on emails, reports or lengthy phone discussions to find out sales from their multiple vendors.

TMS allows companies to run as a whole entity no matter where in the world their business takes them. TMS also allows the client to make work orders as well as invoice the customer. TMS can export data out into multiple formats such as PDF, EXCEL and WORD to name a few. TMS can also export directly into most accounting software.

Like all software Dynasoft designs it is custom built for the client specific needs. If you want to know about this or other software designs we have built contact me at