Shop Tracker

With the ability to manage work orders in a manufacturing environment, ShopTracker stands alone with realtime labour monitoring, piece work orders, prioritizing, and inspection reporting. This names just a few of the different modules available for your business.

Inventory Control


Dynasoft is a leader in custom software development. With over 20 years in their field Dynasoft proves once again why their software is the industry leading standard with Inventory Control 2.0 . A robust budget efficient control system with module design to cover purchase orders, inventory, images, product history & invoicing. Its ease of use and vast functionality puts it to the forefront of possibilities and a very low cost entry point.

Pump Track

From gear pumps to plunger pumps Dynasoft has you covered.  This application design allows mechanical service companies to manage and track a full array of equipment they service.

This application was developed to Manage, Track, Dispatch, and set Preventative Maintenance Schedules for pumps. The application allows quick dispatch as well as booking those jobs on an interactive calendar. The jobs can be scheduled on the calendar as well as assign those jobs to a technician who will get notified of the pending job via text or email. This application also contains an Inventory List module to allow the user to add inventory items to keep charges to the Work Orders easy and accurate.

Pipeline Management

Dynasoft has many different modules to create a custom application to meet your every demanding needs.  Pipeline Manager is designed to be expandable as your company needs and budget require.

Dispatch Management

This application tracks all your equipment while pairing them with your personnel qualified to run it. Tracking multiple days off schedules as well as using SMS and/or email to dispatch the jobs. This all in one dispatching application is a must for your company to run efficiently. For more information go to

Rig Manager 2.0

Rig Manager is a program developed to streamline rig activities to one database. It is designed to speed up industry required reporting, all while storing this data on an offsite secure database that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Rig Manager meets CAODC daily reporting requirements for all documentation taken at the rig site. Rig Manager is designed to be user friendly which requires little or no training to use. With it’s unique structure, Rig Manager can be expanded to report additional information along with any company specific forms the client might want to add. The program is designed for easy reporting and query which is essential for COR requirements.

Rig Manager can be customized for both Service and Drilling Rigs. Payroll and invoice reporting can be done in seconds with this amazing piece of software.

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Tool Management System

Dynasoft has created many different Tool Management Systems or TMS. TMS is an application designed to track and manage a company’s assets from any where in the world. TMS easy to use design allows companies easy input and tracking for all types of inventory. The interface allows multiple categories and groups based on the clients needs. With its web-based design and mobile friendly application clients can use this program in the field as well as in the office with multiple devices and operating systems.

TMS is the first application with a unique tracking system that allows both rental and sales tracking all in one application. Parameters can be set for multiple types of rentals such as time based, run based, and usage based billing to name a few. Long term rentals can now be tracked easily without missing an invoice or billing cycle on that job.

TMS offers multi-level log in capabilities to allow the client to set up multiple vendors across the globe, if the client requires it. The client no longer has to rely on emails, reports or lengthy phone discussions to find out sales from their multiple vendors.

TMS allows companies to run as a whole entity no matter where in the world their business takes them. TMS also allows the client to make work orders as well as invoice the customer. TMS can export data out into multiple formats such as PDF, EXCEL and WORD to name a few. TMS can also export directly into most accounting software.

Like all software Dynasoft designs it is custom built for the client specific needs. If you want to know about this or other software designs we have built contact me at

Custom Software

“What does Dynasoft do?”

Dynasoft builds custom software for every business. Dynasoft designs a wide array of modules such as; job orders, work orders, field ticketing, inventory control, project management, and many many more.

Each company operates their business in a unique way and value parts of that business differently. Some want to track hours of equipment, safety management to keep track of certifications, inventory control, payroll management, the list goes on. Let us show you how we can help you streamline your operations with just a couple clicks, to save you time and money.

If you want to know about this or other software designs we have built contact me at